Having Your Concrete Slabs Lifted

Concrete slabs are used in a variety of ways on residential properties. In addition to serving as the foundation for these buildings, a concrete slab may also be used for patios, driveways, and pathways. While these slabs are durable, they can also be heavy enough that they start to sink into the ground or to settle unevenly. Lifting these slabs is a solution to this type of problem that is often overlooked by homeowners that are attempting to review their best options.

Raising Concrete Slabs Can Prevent You From Having To Replace Them

One of the main benefits of choosing to have these concrete slabs raised is that it will allow you to avoid the costs and work that will be involved with having to replace these surfaces. When you decide to have the concrete slab replaced, you will have to pay for both the installation of the slab as well as the removal of the current one. This can make replacing a concrete slab far more expensive than what was required when it was first installed.

Concrete Lifting May Require Soil Stabilization Work As Well

If you have a concrete slab that is starting to sink into the soil or that has started to settle in an uneven manner, you will want to determine whether the soil has stability issues that need to be addressed. Failing to stabilize the soil can result in this problem returning in the near future. Luckily, many concrete lifting services can assist you with determining whether soil stability problems are likely to cause the unevenness to return in the future. These services may not be able to perform the stabilization work for you, but they may be able to refer you to a soil stabilization service that can assist with stabilizing the soil that supports your concrete surfaces.

A Professional Is Needed To Avoid Damaging The Concrete During The Lifting Process

While concrete lifting can be an effective way to address an uneven slab, it is a type of work that should be done by a professional in order to avoid damaging the slab. During the lifting process, the slabs will experience considerable strain and stress that could result in the development of cracks. A professional concrete lifting service will be able to gradually raise the concrete in an even way so that the strain that is placed on it can be kept to a minimum. In many cases, these services may even offer warranties in the event that cracks form on the concrete soon after it has been lifted.

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