Six Mistakes To Avoid When Getting Ready To Have Siding Installed On Your Home

Having new siding put on your home can feel like a big task. You'll need to prepare for installation day to avoid conflicts and to facilitate the installation work. It's important to avoid certain mistakes that can complicate installation or leave you less satisfied than you should be with the results.

The following are six mistakes to avoid when getting ready to have new siding installed on your home. 

Not putting enough thought into siding selection

Having new siding installed on your home gives you a great opportunity to revitalize the appearance of your home's exterior. You shouldn't feel limited to selecting new siding that looks just like your original siding did. 

Make sure you explore all of your options when selecting new siding. In addition to looking into different color options, also consider different material options for your new siding installation. 

Choosing the wrong day for installation

You need to plan your installation day carefully. Make sure you schedule your installation for a day when you and the rest of your household will not need to be engaging in any activities around your home's exterior. Activity around your home's exterior will create an obstacle when your siding installation is taking place. 

Failing to prepare your entire household

Everyone living in your household should be made aware of the upcoming installation date. This way, they'll know what to expect and can stay out of the way when siding is being installed. 

Not asking your siding contractor about preparation needs

The best person to consult when it comes to what you should do to prepare your property is your siding contractor.

If your siding contractor has preferences or requests regarding site preparation, it helps if you're aware of them. This way, you can help facilitate and speed up the work on installation day by getting your home ready according to the requests of your contractor. 

Leaving clutter around your home's exterior on installation day

Probably the most important thing you can do before installation day is simply straightening things out and clearing away clutter and obstructions around your yard.

Installation work will take place around your home's exterior. The more organized your home's exterior is, the easier it will be for your siding contractor to take care of the task at hand. 

Having vehicles or other obstructions in the way in your driveway

Your siding contractor is probably going to need to pull some vehicles into your driveway and the street in front of your home. Your siding contractor will potentially also need to place a dumpster in your driveway or around your front yard to get rid of old siding.

Therefore, you should try to keep your driveway clear and park your own vehicles either inside your garage or some distance away from the street directly in front of your home on installation day.

For more information about siding installation, contact a local siding contractor.