Log Home Construction For A Novice

A log home will make a nice retreat that can be used on hunting expeditions. If you are going to construct a prefabricated building, research zoning laws and acquire the necessary materials through a supplier.

A Permit, Access To Utilities, And A Foundation

Land will need to be cleared and you will need to acquire a building permit prior to constructing your log home. Access to roads is essential and will allow your log home materials to be dropped off at the site where the construction will take place.

Additionally, you will need to have land that can have electric, water, internet, and phone services connected if you will be using utilities during future hunting trips. Before you purchase log home materials, research log cabin styles and sizes. A pre-fabricated structure may cost more per square foot than the cost per square foot for a standard construction project, but the materials will be sized and marked properly and weathering agents will be added to the materials to ensure their longevity.

One thing that you will need to supply on your own is the foundation of the home. A concrete slab is usually recommended, and the slab should be tall enough so that the bottom logs that comprise your hunting retreat won't get wet during heavy rainstorms. A concrete supplier can aid with pouring concrete that will make up the slab. 

The Construction Process

Constructing the retreat will require patience and time, and you may want to acquire additional manpower. People who aid you can help you locate specific logs or beams and hold pieces in place while you are fastening them. Extra manpower will also increase safety, since you can assign one person to spot you when you are standing on a ladder.

Contact a log home material supplier and view all of the finished home types that are for sale. You may be furnished with photos of the inside and outside of each home. Take notice of how model pictures are set up. Maybe some of the exterior or interior features will be ones that you would like to replicate and you may be inspired to purchase a specific type of furniture or decor.

Make arrangements to have all of the log material supplies dropped off on the land where the construction project will take place. Before beginning the project, purchase tools and hardware that you will need to complete the project.