Six Key Tasks That Need to Be Taken Care of to Prepare Your Land for Excavation

Site excavation is an essential part of any big construction project. If you need to have site excavation work done for a building project, you should understand all the site preparation tasks that need to be handled beforehand. 

The following are six key tasks that need to be taken care of to prepare your land for excavation. 

Surveying the site

Before excavation begins, a surveyor needs to come and inspect it. A surveyor will mark out the bounds of the property. Usually a surveyor will place flags or other physical markers around the property. Doing so ensures that excavators will not touch any land outside of the bounds of the property.   

Testing the soil

Another important task is testing the soil. Soil testing is important because the structural strength of the soil itself needs to be understood by the excavator and builder. 

During soil testing, factors like soil strength and moisture absorption will be tested. If the top layer of soil is judged to be too weak, excavators will need to dig down deeper to access stronger soil further below the ground. Alternatively, they may add binding agents to the soil or use other soil stabilization practices. 

Researching the location of utility lines

It's essential that utility lines are located before excavation work begins. Damaging utility lines during excavation can be expensive and dangerous. It may be necessary to check with municipal authorities to figure out if utility lines are going through the plot of land in question.

Clearing the land

Any obstacles and debris need to be cleared off the land before excavation begins. This could be a big job if the land is wooded or if there is otherwise a significant amount of vegetation over the land. 

Inspecting the local building code

The local building code is the authority of what can and can't be done on a plot of land. You need to do your research to make sure you're avoiding building code violations. Building code violations can be expensive and frustrating. Therefore, make sure your construction plans are acceptable to the municipality in which your land is located. 

Notifying all those working around the site of safety precautions

You need to take efforts to ensure safety if you are preparing to have excavation work done on your land. This means that you should make sure that any subcontractors or others doing work on your land are notified of the upcoming excavation work. Teamwork and communication are essential in preparation for excavation to ensure safety. 

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