Roof Repairs: Pros and Cons of Waiting Until Winter

If you have been avoiding completing your roof repairs, you may be considering having them performed once winter arrives. Many homeowners choose to have their roof repairs done over the duration of the summer, but sometimes summer just goes by too quickly. While it is possible to get repairs done in the winter, there are pros and cons to this. Keep reading to learn more. 

Pro: It Is More Affordable

Many roofing companies will do most of their work during the warmer months of the year, and as such, summer tends to be their busiest season. Summer often is when homeowners will schedule roof work because they have more time and the weather is more predictable. However, during the winter, roofers have more time on their hands, and as such, many will offer discounts to customers to keep their schedule fuller. Because of the lower prices and schedule flexibility, winter makes for a good time for roof repairs.

Pro: Keep the Heat Inside

Depending on what part of the country you live in, the winters may get pretty cold. Whether it is freezing rain or several feet of snow, the roof is the one thing that protects your family from the cold weather outside. If there are missing or damaged shingles, cracks, or leaks, the interior heat is likely to escape. This can cause your heating bill to rise. By having a roofing contractor perform the necessary repairs on your roof this winter, you will ensure the heat remains where it belongs—inside.

Con: Shingles May Take Longer to Seal

Although it may be more affordable to have your roof repaired during the wintertime, it could take longer. For shingles to seal properly, it needs to be a certain temperature outside. Because of the lower temperatures, the asphalt shingles can take longer to seal properly. This can result in the roofing project taking longer. Request a time estimate from your roofing contractor for the project, but you should expect the overall repair job to take a bit longer than usual.

Con: It Is More Dangerous

Roof repairs performed during the winter tend to be more dangerous than repairs performed during the warmer months of the year. The reason for this is because of the accumulation of ice and snow, requiring contractors to take extra precautions to ensure they are safe while performing the repairs. In some cases, this means a delay in having the repairs performed while the ice and snow melts.

Contact a roof repair contractor to find out if they can wait until after winter or if they need to be performed now.