The Basic Steps Involved With Attaching Pavers To Concrete

Do you have a concrete area that you would like to add pavers to? This is not a terribly difficult task, but it can be time-consuming. If you're moderately handy and have the time to spare, you can likely tackle it on your own. Check the instructions on the products you are using, but know that overall, you will want to follow the steps below. 

1. Fill in gaps and cracks in concrete

You do not want to set pavers over cracked concrete. It's not a stable surface and may therefore contribute to your pavers breaking prematurely. So, your first step should be to use pre-mixed concrete to fill any cracks or crevices in your surface. It does not have to be perfect since you're covering the surface with pavers.

2. Put down an adhesive

You'll want to work on one section of the concrete surface at a time to avoid letting the adhesive dry too much before you put the pavers down. Most people do best when they start around the edge of the concrete. Apply enough adhesive so you can place half a dozen or so pavers.

3. Set the pavers down flat

When you apply pavers to an area where you have just applied adhesive, make sure you set them down as flatly as possible. This will help keep the extra adhesive from bubbling out around the pavers. It will also help ensure your pavers all settle evenly so you don't have some raised above the others. 

4. Keep working your way in

After you've finished the border of your pavers, start slowly working your way toward the center. This way, you will get the pavers positioned evenly and in straight lines.

5. Let it dry before sealing.

Most stone pavers come unsealed and will need to be sealed with a waterproofing agent to protect them from the elements. Wait to do this until your adhesive is completely dry. You do not want the sealer dripping over the edge of the pavers and onto the adhesive, as this can keep the adhesive from bonding. Check the adhesive label to see how long you should wait. It is often several days, if not a week.

If you follow the steps above, you should have good luck installing your own pavers over concrete. Before long, you will have a nice, new patio or other surface to enjoy.

Contact a local service to learn more about bonding pavers to concrete