Simple, Effective Remodeling Ideas For Galley Kitchens

Galley kitchens are sometimes criticized for being too small and compact. This can be valid criticism, but sometimes, it's not possible to expand a galley kitchen – no matter how badly you might want to. In a situation like this, it's best to make the most with what you already have. Here are some easy ideas for remodeling your galley kitchen in a way that improves its appearance and allows you to use the space more effectively.

Shrink the Counters

Having counters on both sides makes a galley kitchen a galley kitchen. You really need both counters in order to have enough counter space to cook and prep food on. But you may be able to make the counters a little narrower when you remodel. Even if you make both counters just three inches narrower, that leaves you an extra 6 inches of standing of walking space through the kitchen.

Include a Mirror

Consider hanging a mirror on the far wall of your galley kitchen. It will reflect the image of the kitchen and make it seem bigger. Another alternative would be to use a mirror as the backsplash on one side of the counter.

Choose Can Lights

Decorative lights are nice in some spaces, but in a galley kitchen, they can take up too much space. When you remodel, ask your contractor to use can lights, which sit flush with the ceiling. This way, you'll get plenty of light, but the lights themselves won't take up valuable space.

Use Glass Cabinet Doors

Consider having the upper cabinet doors in your kitchen replaced with glass-inlay doors. This way, you will be able to see into the cabinets, which makes your kitchen seem bigger. The items inside the cabinets can also double as decor, so you don't end up wasting space on extra decorations in your kitchen.

Shrink Your Range

Most ranges have four or six burners, but there are models that have only two or three. If you don't normally cook more than two pans of food at a time, consider having a smaller range installed when you remodel your galley kitchen. It will leave you more open space for counters and other small appliances.

Galley kitchens are small, but they can still be very functional spaces. Talk to a remodeling contractor about the ideas above, and also about other ways that they can save space, increase storage, and improve the look of your galley kitchen. For more information on residential kitchen remodeling, speak to a contractor.