Improve Your Metalworking With CNC Plasma Tables

Are you trying to become more efficient with your metalworking or start producing work at a higher volume? If you want to work faster or more efficiently while also improving the quality of your work, you may need to upgrade the tools you have available for the job. Specifically, one type of tool you might want to look into would be the addition of CNC plasma tables to your shop. Here's what this type of tool does and how it can benefit your metalworking. 

Computer-Controlled Cutting

A CNC plasma table uses a computer to guide a high-temperature plasma arc through the metal you are trying to cut. You place the metal down on the table, lock it into place and the computer will take over and do the rest. Letting a computer take over for you can improve your work in a number of key ways.

Greater Precision and Accuracy

When you use a computer to guide the plasma arc through the metal, the arc will go exactly where you want it to. There will be no human error entered into the process like what can happen with manual labor. Each cut will be accurate and precise and exactly what you want it to be.

Greater Consistency

If you are cutting a large amount of metal and you need the same shape or size for all finished products, you need each cut to be as consistent as possible with little to no deviation. Manual labor can introduce little deviations even if the laborer is an expert in his or her field. With a computer, you will achieve greater consistency across every single cut.

Greater Speed and Efficiency

If you want a manual laborer to achieve precision, accuracy, and consistency, you may have to let them really take their time in order to ensure it gets done the right way. With a computer, there's no need to waste time. A computer-guided plasma arc can move with greater speed and better overall efficiency than a manual laborer. You will be able to get your projects done faster or boost your yield on any given workday once you switch to CNC-based metal-cutting tools.

Greater Safety for Your Employees

Once the plasma table has the metal in place, the computer can take over and guide the plasma arc where it needs to go. Your employees can stand back and out of harm's way. This may lead to a safer overall working environment for your employees.