Air Duct Cleaning: It Does More Then Keep Your Home Cleaner

If your home is often dusty, even when you feel like you just dusted, then you may want to have your ducts cleaned. There is probably dust in the ducts, and some of it gets blown throughout your home each time your heat or air conditioning turns on. Cleaning your ducts will get rid of this dust so you don't have to clean or dust as often. But that's not the only benefit of cleaning your ducts. Here are some other benefits of having this work done.

You may notice fewer allergy symptoms

Dust has a lot of components. It contains dead skin cells from people and pets. It may also contain pet hair, proteins from the skin of insects, tiny insects called dust mites, little food particles, and so much more. Many people are allergic to at least one of these things, especially if they inhale the substance, which is hard not to do when it is circulating in your home's air. If you have the ducts cleaned, then there will be a lot less dust in your air. You're likely to experience fewer allergy symptoms as a result. You may sneeze less, feel less stuffy, and struggle with fewer headaches and instances of sinus congestion. 

Your heater and air conditioner may use less energy

When your ducts are dirty, some of that dirt will end up on the burners of your furnace and on the cooling coil of your air conditioner. This will interfere with the ability of these components to generate or absorb heat. As a result, your energy bills will be higher than they should be. People often notice, after they clean their ducts, that their HVAC equipment becomes more efficient. You may also find that you don't have to change your air filter as often as there's less dust to get caught in it.

Your HVAC system may quiet down

Furnaces with dirty burners tend to make more noise. You may hear a pop or boom when the furnace turns on because the dust is lighting on fire. An AC may make a whirring noise as the air does not blow smoothly over a dirty coil. After you have your ducts cleaned and these systems become cleaner, you should notice that these systems become quieter.

Have your air ducts cleaned often, and you and your home will benefit. Talk to a service provider to learn more about air duct cleaning.