Renovation Determination - Surviving The Upheaval During A Kitchen Upgrade

Your kitchen remodeling project will require the removal of many of the items that are already stored within the room. Before your contractor and construction crew get to work, use the strategies below to prepare for the kitchen upgrade.

Pare Down Loose Items

Kitchen utensils, cooking gear, and other loose items within the kitchen will need to be removed before the remodeling project commences. Look through the items, to determine which ones you will need access to while the remodeling project is underway. Pack up any items that you can hold off using for a while.

Tabletop appliances and other gear that you normally use to prepare or serve meals can be packed within corrugated cartons or other storage containers. Place these items in a closet or another space within your home that will not interfere with the renovation efforts that will be taking place. 

Modify Your Meal Plan

Once your contractor and construction crew get to work on the renovations, you will likely need to limit or restrict your use of the kitchen. The person who oversees the execution of the remodeling project will outline the manner in which they plan to conduct each kitchen upgrade.

If you will not be able to use the kitchen for cooking and serving meals, decide upon one or two small appliances that you can use in an alternate space within your home. An air fryer, a microwave, or any other small cooking appliance can be used to prepare meals for your family.

During the renovation process, the full-sized appliances that you own will likely be unplugged and moved around at some point. The modifications to your meal plan will ensure that you and your loved ones can continue to share meals as a family unit, without interfering with the progress of the renovation project.

Protect Items

The crew who oversee the renovation project may need to clear out the kitchen while they upgrade the flooring, the walls, or another large surface within the kitchen. Before the project begins, protect large appliances and furnishings that will temporarily be moved out of the kitchen.

Use cushioned covers or plastic wrap to protect the surface of each appliance or furnishing that will be moved during the project. Decide to store all of these items within a utility room or another space that is conveniently located near the kitchen. The items will stay clean and dry while the kitchen project is being completed.