3 Huge Advantages Of Tiny Homes

Tiny homes represent one of the biggest revolutions in modern residential real estate. While sales once trended toward huge, properties with obscene amounts of square footage, many homeowners are now opting for smaller, more personalized properties. While these detached, single-family units are not made to accommodate every living situation, they offer significant benefits over larger, traditional homes. Click here or read below to discover more about just a few of the biggest ones.

Easy Construction

Building a home is no easy task, but it is made somewhat easier when a tiny home is involved. Because tiny homes are virtually always built based on standardized specifications (as opposed to custom plans that involve numerous personalized details), they can be built in a matter of weeks on a much smaller budget. In fact, some tiny homes can even be ordered online and built by homeowners with nothing more than the right tools and a do-it-yourself work ethic. If you are looking to spend less time and money building your next home, you should seriously consider tiny homes as a viable option.

Affordability and Efficiency

One of the major draws of tiny homes is their sheer affordability. This can be especially appealing for first-time homeowners who have experienced sticker shock looking at other traditional homes in their area. But even those potential homeowners who do have a larger budget may not realize the extent to which they can save in the long term if they choose a tiny home instead. This is primarily due to the fact that tiny homes are almost always engineered to be as efficient as possible. Monthly heating and electric bills for tiny homes are often negligible, meaning you have more disposable income each month to spend or save as you please.

Saving Time

While saving money is of course a huge advantage, the amount of time that tiny home owners save is arguably an even bigger one. A tiny home means less time spent doing household chores, less time cleaning up clutter, and — for many people who live near urban areas — less time commuting to work. All of this time saved usually makes for less stressful days as well. In this way, a tiny home doesn't just mean a smaller mortgage payment and smaller energy bill; it also means a smaller chunk of each day is devoted to things you would rather have spent doing something else.