The Pros And Cons Of Mobile Tiny Homes

More and more people are ditching a traditional way of life to buy a tiny mobile home and live minimally. If this appeals to you, here are the important pros and cons to consider when you're looking at tiny mobile homes for sale.


Cheaper Energy Costs

One of the reasons that so many people are choosing to scale down and live small is that it's often cheaper than living in a traditionally-sized house. This is especially true of energy costs. The average tiny home will use around 4 kWhs of power per day, compared to the average American household which uses 29 kWhs per day. That's a huge contrast in energy consumption and a big reduction in utility bills.

See The World

Another major benefit of having a tiny home that's mobile is that you're never tied to one location. This is especially appealing to those who are wanderers at heart. You can take the comfort of your home with you and the road and see new vistas as often as you desire. With remote work increasingly easier to find, you can take your work and home on the road with you when you have a mobile tiny home.

Less Maintenance

With a smaller space, there is less to clean and less to maintain. You'll be able to spend more of your time on your career or leisure activities rather than on the cleaning and maintenance of a home. You'll also spend less money on cleaning supplies and appliance replacements because there is simply less to worry about.

Get Outside More

Another major benefit of a tiny home is that its tiny interior space encourages you to get outside and enjoy the big beautiful outdoor spaces in nature. It's never too cramped in the great outdoors.


Legal Gray Area

Tiny homes are still new enough that regulations haven't fully caught up to their progress. Some towns and municipalities aren't sure how to regulate or tax mobile tiny homes while others have decided to ban them altogether rather than tackling the tricky bureaucracy. You'll need to check the rules in any area where you plan to spend a decent amount of time.

Less Storage

With less space comes more storage headaches. Folks sometimes think they'll love the benefits that a tiny home offers without realizing that there will also be downsides like less storage space. Living in a mobile tiny home forces you to live minimally. You may find you don't like how that works on a day-to-day basis.

Tow Vehicle

When you have a mobile tiny home, you'll need a vehicle to tow it. That means you're going to need something with the towing capacity to lug all that weight and that often means you'll need a vehicle that doesn't get great gas mileage.