Is Your Roof Beyond Repair? How To Avoid Problems When Your Roof Is Damaged In A Storm

If your roof has sustained significant damage during a recent storm, don't wait to take action. The first thing you need to do is cover the damaged portions of your roof. This is especially important if you're expecting another storm to come through before the work can be completed on your roof. Covering your roof will help to protect your home against further damage. Once you've covered the damaged areas, you'll be ready to take the steps described here. These steps will help you get your roof replaced in a timely manner. Here are three steps you need to take if your roof needs to get replaced. 

Document the Type of Roof Damage

If you need to replace your roof after a storm, you must document the damage. But, you need to include the right information in your documentation. The most common causes of roof damage include water, wind, and hail. But, there can also be damage caused by fires. You'll want to document the cause of the damage, as well as the type of damage. This could include missing shingles caused by wind damage. Or, it could also include pits, cracks, and dents caused by hail damage. Include detailed information about the damage. This can help you get a fair settlement offer for your roof replacement. 

Submit a Claim With the Insurance Company

Once you've documented the cause of the damage, and the type of damage sustained, you'll want to file a claim with your insurance company. It can take several days for your insurance company to get a file started for you. So, you want to get the claim submitted as soon as you can. Be sure to check in with your insurance agent at least once daily until you have an official claim number. 

Hire Your Own Public Claims Adjuster 

If your roof needs to be replaced due to storm damage, make sure you hire your own public claims adjuster. Insurance companies like to delay payouts on large claims. This includes payouts for roof replacements. A public claims adjuster will make sure that there aren't any unnecessary delays with the processing of your claim. They'll also make sure that your roof is replaced in a timely manner. If there are issues with the claim, your public claims adjuster will take care of those for you, as well. 

Don't take chances with the replacement of your residential roof. The information provided here can help you avoid costly mistakes. 

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