3 Reasons To Choose Spray Foam Roofing For Your Commercial Building

Is it time to get a new roof for your commercial building? A damaged or aging roof has the potential to allow water to leak into your commercial space. This water can wreak havoc on your company ruining valuable assets and creating an unhealthy work environment for your employees.

Many different types of commercial roofing materials are available to choose from, but spray foam roofing can offer some unique benefits that will prove valuable to your business over time.

Here are three reasons why you should consider spray foam for your next commercial roof.

1. Easy Installation  

Spray foam roofing is applied as a liquid using specialized spray nozzles. As the liquid comes into contact with the outside environment, it begins to harden into a durable coating.

Roofing contractors like to install spray foam roofing because it is an incredibly easy material to work with. The spray nozzle can cover a large area with each sweep, and the nozzle also gets material into the smallest cracks and crevices that would be hard to reach otherwise.

This ease of installation significantly reduces the amount of labor needed to install a new spray foam roof. Less labor means more savings when you are investing in a commercial roof.

2. Energy-Efficient

Another reason you should consider a spray foam roof for your commercial building is the energy efficiency this type of roofing material offers.

Once spray foam that has been properly applied to your roof has fully hardened, no air or water can move through the durable coating. This creates a significant barrier against heat loss.

It will be easier to maintain a cool temperature during the summer and a warm temperature during the winter when you choose spray foam roofing. The energy efficiency that a new spray foam roof offers can help you minimize your energy costs and extend the life of your HVAC system.

3. Easy Maintenance

Most business owners have their hands full. The last thing you want to spend your precious time doing is maintaining your commercial roof.

Spray foam roofing is one of the easiest materials to care for. Very little maintenance is required to keep a spray foam roof in pristine condition. The durable coating created by spray foam allows this type of roofing to resist damage caused by hail, moisture, and wind.

In the event that your spray foam roof does become damaged, repairs can be completed quickly and affordably.

Talk to a contractor to learn more about commercial spray foam roofing for your company building.