3 Factors That Help Determine The Cost Of Commercial Demolition Services

Getting rid of an existing building so that a new one can be constructed isn't always easy. Most people choose to leave this type of demolition in the hands of a professional contractor.

Commercial demolition services help to ensure that the demolition process is completed safely and efficiently.

Take the time to become familiar with some of the factors that help to determine the cost of commercial demolition services so that you will be prepared to incorporate these costs into your construction budget.

1. Total Project Area 

The estimated size of a building that needs to be demolished will play a major role in determining how much a professional contractor will charge to tear the building down. Most contractors calculate project size by finding the area of a building.

The area of each individual floor must be calculated separately, then added together for a final project total. The larger a building is, the more it will cost to hire a demolition contractor to help you tear the building down.

Many contractors will also consider the difficulty of the project when evaluating size. If your building has architectural features that could interfere with the demolition process, plan on spending more on commercial demolition services.

2. Presence of Hazardous Materials

A demolition contractor will always want to complete a walk-through of the building you want to be torn down before providing you with an estimate.

The physical inspection allows a contractor to determine if there are any hazardous materials present within the building. Materials like asbestos and black mold must be handled very carefully to prevent the spread of illness.

If a contractor has to bring in subcontractors who specialize in the removal of hazardous materials, you can expect an increase in the total amount it will cost to demolish your commercial property. 

3. Cost of Equipment

Heavy pieces of equipment are often used for commercial demolition projects. Your contractor will likely need access to a wrecking ball, a bulldozer, and a front-end loader. Large dump trailers will also be needed to haul off debris.

The cost of accessing this equipment will play a role in determining how much you pay for commercial demolition services. Many contractors choose to rent their equipment on a per-project basis. Additional fees will be added to your estimate to help offset these rental costs.

Be sure that you talk with your contractor about the equipment that will be needed for your demolition project when trying to determine the cost of professional help.