Three Benefits Of Trenching Over Blasting

It is normal to find a hard layer of bedrock during construction. As such, one must have an excavation company on-site to help remove this bedrock. However, these agencies can either blast the bedrock or trench it to create a clear path. Each method has its benefits and shortcomings, although most people prefer trenching over blasting. Furthermore, many people favor trenching because it is the ideal method for removing hard bedrock when constructing a house close to other buildings. This blog will depict three benefits of trenching over blasting. 

It Is Safe

The main advantage of trenching over blasting is that it is safe. Blasting entails placing explosives on the bedrock and allowing them to explode. The explosion disperses stones in different directions, and if someone has not taken cover, they may be injured. Furthermore, if other buildings are close to the explosion, the stones may damage these buildings, especially the windows and doors. The blast will also send shock waves on the ground, which may affect the surrounding building's structural integrity. In contrast, trenching is limited to one area. The bedrock will be broken and placed on the side, thus not posing any risks to people and the surrounding buildings. 

It Is Precise

Another advantage of trenching is that it is more precise than blasting. One shortcoming of the blasting method is the dispersion of rocks after the explosion. Moreover, soil and other sediments may also be scattered everywhere after detonating the explosives. It forces people to clean this mess because some stones may have fallen on your neighbor's compound. Furthermore, this unnecessary clean-up will distract your construction workers, thus affecting your project deadline. However, trenching allows you to cut the rock precisely in the areas you need and without breaking the rock into many pieces. Ultimately, this method may not need any clean-up, thus saving time. 

It Is Faster

Trenching is better than blasting because it is faster. Before blasting the bedrock, one must follow various safety protocols. First, you must clear the area and ensure nobody is close to the blast. Second, you should set up warning signs to ensure no one walks close to the construction site. Third, you must ensure all the workers have taken cover in a safe area before detonating the explosives. Ultimately, this makes blasting a time-consuming method. In contrast, trenching does not involve many safety protocols. One only needs to hire various excavation experts, who will finish the entire process fast while emphasizing safety. 

For more information about blasting or trenching, contact a local company.