Pros And Cons Of Using Walnut Counters In Your Kitchen

Wood is not the most common kitchen counter material. However, certain woods, like walnut, really are well-suited for use as countertops. Should you choose a walnut counter for your own kitchen? Here are some pros and cons to consider as you make that decision.

Pro: Walnut is a natural material.

If you are trying to build your kitchen as greenly as possible, then a walnut counter will help you meet those goals. Unlike laminate and even some quartz counters, which use plastic and resin fillers, walnut is all-natural. It will biodegrade completely one day when you're done with the counters and strip them out of your kitchen. And while you may initially be concerned that a tree will be knocked down to make the counters, most wood suppliers responsibly plant new trees when they harvest mature ones, which is good for the planet.

Con: Walnut counters require special care.

You will need to wipe the counter down as soon as you spill something. You'll also need to periodically have the counter sanded and refinished to keep it looking fresh. This maintenance is not too demanding, and most companies that install walnut counters offer it. However, it is still more maintenance than you'd have to do for, say, a granite counter.

Pro: Walnut counters look incredible.

These counters have a specific aesthetic that you simply cannot mimic with other materials. Walnut has such a rich, dark color that all other woods lack. When your counters are first installed, they may look a bit dull, but as the walnut ages, it will take on a rich, almost polished patina. If you have walnut elsewhere in your kitchen, such as on the floor or the crown molding, using wood as your counter material is a great way to match it.

Con: Walnut counters can't stay wet for long.

You can and should wipe your walnut counters down with soap and water to clean them. But beyond this brief exposure to water, the counters should not stay wet for long as it can cause them to warp and distort. So, you don't typically want to use walnut counters next to a sink or pot-filling station.

Now that you've read through these pros and cons, you should have a better idea as to whether walnut counters are right for your home. They can be pretty awesome, but you do have to consider their maintenance and lack of moisture tolerance.

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