Three Lighting Solutions For Your New Kitchen

One of the topics that you'll want to thoroughly discuss when you hire a contractor to remodel your kitchen is what new lighting you'll have in this space. A remodeling project is a good time to get rid of the existing lighting and replace it with fixtures that add style and brighten the changes that your contractor is making. There are all sorts of lighting options that can work well in a kitchen, and your contractor can give you some suggestions about what will work well for your particular design. Here are some lighting solutions to consider as part of your kitchen remodel. 

Track Lighting

Track lighting is a popular choice in a kitchen because of its versatility. Many track lights allow you to aim the individual lights however you wish, which gives you the option of adjusting them so that they illuminate specific areas around the kitchen. If your current kitchen has outdated track lighting, you'll want to replace these fixtures with lights that are more contemporary and that are a good visual fit in your kitchen. For example, if your remodeling contractor will be installing a tile backsplash that features some brushed steel tiles, track lighting that has the same finish can work well.


Although chandeliers are common in areas such as dining rooms and front entrances, you can dramatically augment the style of your new kitchen by having this type of light in it. There are a few locations to consider. If your contractor is adding an island to your kitchen, having a chandelier hang this structure can work well. When guests approach your kitchen, one of the first features that they'll often see is the island. A chandelier in a style that complements the island can be a focal point. With so many chandeliers on the market, you'll be able to shop for the right look once you and your contractor decide how the island will look.

Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting can also work well in your kitchen, with several different areas being viable candidates for these fixtures. If your contractor is building a ceiling bulkhead as part of the remodeling project, adding stylish recessed lights to this structure is an idea to consider. Some people also favor having recessed lights installed in the ceiling around the perimeter of the kitchen, with other lighting options — track lighting, for example — reserved for the middle of the room. Talk to your kitchen remodeling professional about these and other lighting ideas.