Frameless Cabinets

A framed and inset cabinet style contains a full face frame that is attached to a cabinet box. This type of cabinetry can take up a lot of space within a small room, especially if a tall floor cabinet or multiple wall cabinets are installed. Your cabinetry can include a line of frameless cabinets that are sleek and modern.

The Construction

Framed cabinets are traditional storage spaces that contain a cabinet box and a matching front panel. The panel extends outward from the box and will consist of a framework that runs around the perimeter of the facepiece. An inset cabinet possesses a similar style to a framed cabinet but will be slightly less bulky. An inset cabinet is one that contains a door that is designed to lay flush with the front edges of a cabinet box.

A frameless cabinet contains a cabinet box and door but does not utilize a frame. The frame which overlays a cabinet box with other cabinet styles tends to add a considerable amount of volume to cabinetry. A frameless model contains a door that fastens directly to the side pieces that comprise a cabinet box.

Increased Space

The construction design of a frameless cabinet will prevent wasted space within a kitchen, a bathroom, or another room where cabinetry is going to be used. The framework that is added to a framed or inset cabinet can restrict an end user from storing large pots and pans and other bulky items. The omission of the framework will instantly open up the front of a cabinet and provide consistent height and width measurements throughout each interior storage space.

Colors, Materials, And Accessories

Choosing to have frameless cabinets installed within a home will not restrict a homeowner from choosing a specific color or material for the new cabinetry. Muted and bright paint colors, texturing agents, and an array of wood and laminate materials can be used to construct custom cabinetry that is frameless. Thermofoil or wood that is cut into a thin strip can be used to create a veneer.

A veneer will be secured directly to a door panel. A veneer can be used to enhance the color and texture of a cabinet. Glass inlays, lighting, shelves, and hardware are some accessories that can make a new set of cabinets look unique. A cabinet designer can upgrade a basic frameless model, by adding unique features to the outside and inside of each cabinet.

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