Using Land Surveying To Confirm Your Property Boundaries

Understanding the legal boundaries of a piece of property can be a vital step for both individuals that are considering buying a piece of property as well as those that are currently considering making changes to their land. Luckily, land surveying can be a highly effective way of confirming the boundary lines of the piece of property in question.

Myth: Land Surveying Is Only Needed When Buying Property From Individual Sellers

Individuals will often appreciate the need to have a survey conducted in order to confirm that the seller is accurately representing the boundary lines of the property. However, it is advisable to have a survey completed regardless of the party that you are buying the lot from. This can be particularly applicable for those that are buying lots in development communities. Additionally, any changes to the property that may occur close to the boundary of the property should call for a survey, to avoid accidentally violating the boundary lines of your neighbors.

Myth: A Land Surveying Project Will Result In A Clear Boundary Being Made Around The Perimeter

Some people may be under the impression that the surveyor will leave a clear marker along the entire perimeter of the property. However, this is usually not the case, as it would significantly increase the costs and time required for this work. Rather, these services will often identify natural markers that could be used to identify the boundary of the property, or they may mark it with a series of stakes in the ground. If there is a particular area where work will be done, you can have the surveyor mark the ground with spray paint or other materials, but you will want to limit this to the area directly in question.

Myth: It Is Highly Disruptive To Have Land Surveying Work Done

Concerns about the disruptions that a land survey could cause may be another factor that leads to some individuals failing to utilize these services to their fullest extent. However, land surveying work is often unintrusive for homeowners. This is due to these professionals working along the perimeter of the property. As a result, there will be little need for the property owner to interact with these professionals while the work is being done, which can allow individuals to have this done while they are at work or otherwise away from the property. It will be advisable to put up any pets or to keep children in the house during this work so that they will not interfere with the contractor or otherwise slow them down.