Reduce Paper Use By Digitizing Your Fleet Management

Any company that makes use of company vehicles understands the importance of fleet management. Fleet management ensures that all company vehicles are maintained, inspected, and ready to operate safely when employees hit the road each day.

The process of managing a large fleet used to mean producing multiple paper records throughout the course of the day. This reliance on paper can be costly, and it can have a negative effect on the environment. Digitize your fleet management practices to reduce your paper use in the future.

Inspection Forms

One of the biggest culprits in paper production for a fleet manager is the inspection form. Each vehicle within a fleet is inspected regularly to identify potential problems that might affect the performance of the car or truck. Inspection forms can quickly pile up when you have a large fleet.

Digitizing the inspection process allows you to eliminate all those paper inspection forms. Technicians can utilize software to follow an inspection protocol, and digital inspection forms can be shared and saved immediately. This not only reduces paper waste, it helps to eliminate communication delays between inspectors and mechanics.

Repair timelines will be shortened and the efficiency of your fleet will be improved when you digitize your inspection forms.

Maintenance Reminders

Old-school fleet managers have relied on paper maintenance reminders for many years. While making a note on a calendar or putting a sticky note on a desk can serve as reminders for scheduled maintenance, these paper methods aren't always reliable. Digital maintenance reminders can offer a host of benefits that paper reminders cannot.

A digital reminder will never be lost or misplaced. Technicians will automatically receive an alert when scheduled maintenance is approaching so that the necessary appointments can be made. Transferring all of your maintenance reminders to a digital format will reduce paper use and help you avoid missing vital maintenance that keeps your fleet running efficiently.

Inventory Management

Most fleet managers maintain an inventory of parts and equipment that can be used to make minor repairs. Managing this inventory is just as important as managing the fleet vehicles themselves. Paper inventory lists are inefficient and can result in parts that are double ordered or allowed to expire before being used. Digital inventory management lets a fleet manager identify which parts and equipment are available with the push of a few buttons.

Your company will save money by eliminating product duplicates and waste, and you will eliminate the need for paper inventory management lists when you opt to digitize your fleet operations. Reach out to a professional who provides fleet management services for more information.