Mechanical Upgrade Guide To Help Ensure Nothing Is Left Out When Doing RV Renovations

Renovating a classic RV can be a rewarding process that gives you the perfect travel vehicle for your road trips. When you are planning on doing renovations to a travel trailer, you may be thinking a lot about the new finishes and features that you are going to add to the interior and exterior, but these things will not be complete without the right mechanical upgrades too. The following upgrade guide will help you ensure nothing is left out of your renovation project with the right mechanical improvements.

Start By Marking The Installation Of Existing Mechanical Systems Before Removing Them For Renovations

You will want to make sure the existing mechanical systems are clearly marked. This is because the new installations will be mostly in the same area. Use chalk or neon-colored survey paint to mark the areas where features like electrical wiring and plumbing are located. This will make it easier to install the new wiring and plumbing, as well as to add upgrades.

Use The Existing Mechanical System Layout To Design New Installations And Additional Improvements

There are a lot of improvements that can be done with the existing mechanical systems. For example, if you are planning on adding cabling for additional features, it can be installed with the new electrical wiring that is installed where the old installations were. In addition, the original mechanical installations probably already have holes and other features to make the installation of new mechanical systems easier.

Adding Modern Electrical Wiring For Your RV, Cabling For Radio, And Other Communications Systems

The modern electrical wiring that you install in your RV can include conventional AC outlets like the wiring in your home, as well as the low-voltage wiring that will be needed for modern electronic devices and efficient lighting that you want to have installed in your RV. In addition to the electrical wiring, you may also want to run cabling for things like radio, cellular, and satellite communications systems. These communications systems will allow you to have modern networking and Internet service in your RV.

Installing The Right Plumbing Systems And Storage Tanks For Your RV Renovation Project

The RV renovation project you are doing will probably require new plumbing systems and storage tanks. These improvements should start by removing the old waste and potable water tanks. When installing the new tanks, you will want to make sure these systems have efficient pumps. In addition, you will want to make sure features like sinks and bathroom showers have low-consumption fixtures for your RV renovation.

Adding AC And Renewable Energy Features That Will Help Provide For Your Energy Needs When Traveling

Today, there are also options for more efficient AC systems that can be installed to provide your RV with efficient cooling for summer traveling. In addition, you will also want to consider having other modern technology like renewable energy with RV solar panel systems or adding automation with features like automated retractable awnings and window shades.

These are some of the things that you will want to do to upgrade the mechanical systems too when doing an RV renovation project. If you are ready to start renovating your classic RV to get it ready for summer road trips, contact a company like Innovative Spaces.